Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thing #20: The Library Routes Project

Since I did complete Thing #10, and discussed my route to being introduced to this wonderful position, I want to focus this post more on the Library Routes Project.  I really enjoyed looking at these Librarians routes.  Being in my Twenties I am still looking into "where do I go from here?"  Currently I am looking into completing several certificates in Library Science and then I am very interested in reaching a Bachelor's Degree.  The reason I am looking into several certificates is to just get well informed of my decision's and to meet others that are in the field. 

I feel that my own path is somewhat typical in the idea that I just fell into librarianship, but how I arrived here and where I was at before the library I feel are very unusual! I also noticed that alot of the librarians that have posted on the Library Routes Project were English majors!  I really liked the comment in Annie's - Assistant Library - Smiley Someone post.  When she was discussing the placement tests from highschool, I remember these.  HHAHAHHAAA  I remember that I was supposed to be a ship captain.  What a career.  An exciting one, but I don't think I would fit the bill. 

Even though I am not posting to the Library Routes Project, I feel that I will in the future after I have completed some of the projects that I mentioned at the beginning.  I feel that I may be encouraging to other entry level librarians after I have become not so entry level.  Thanks for Thing #20 very informational and encouraging!

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